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so, i have an underactive thyroid. this body part has been malfunctioning since i was 16, so this isn't much of anything new. however, at the time, the family physician's sole information about the problem was "yea, it sucks. here, take this pill every day. yea, you're going to have to do this forever. but this'll fix it." no information about drug interactions or anything else. so i finally recently got curious enough to actually, oh, read the information that comes with my drugs every month (yes, i should have read it ages ago, but my main reaction to medical problems is to try to ignore them). so now i understand why over the counter drugs can be bad (apparently there are interactions that can raise your blood pressure) and other assorted information.

one thing, however, doesn't make sense to me. the flyer states that certain foods can inhibit the abosorption of the drugs and should be avoided around the time you take the drugs (not really an issue, since they're supposed to be taken on an empty stomach): soybean flour, dietary fiber, and walnuts. now, how something with fiber in it would interfere with absorbing something just makes sense, but, walnuts? whiskey tango foxtrot?

ok. i'm really going to bed this time.

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