joyce (joyce) wrote,

i walked up to Whole Foods this morning (90 minutes of walking, go me) and got some stuff, and came home and started the salad, and got waylayed by jadestorm into coming out with him and Jessie and running around and terrorizing Cary for awhile. oh, the hardship. :) we stopped by the library to pick up her holds, and went to Panera for lunch (yay, french onion soup. though, i guess i could make my own, since i'm not currently living with anyone anti-onion. best get on it before Jeff moves. :) ) and then ran a ton of errands. there was an AC Moore incident, so now i have more yarn, to turn into scarves to (hopefully) sell at the crafts fair. if i ever find the cord for my camera, i'll post pictures of everything i've made lately... i turned out a lot of stuff while i was in SEA. flying will do that.

they ran me by the other library to pick up my holds (one of which the library just couldn't find, which was rather frustrating) and then dropped me off here. had some dinner. now there's apple crisp in the toaster oven, and some knitting and reading in my future. life is good.

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