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Tonya and Jessie! the Harris Teeter at Cameron Village has all kinds of Morningstar Farms and Gardenburger stuff on sale, buyonegetone. no idea if this applies to other HTs. it's mostly odd stuff on sale - like Thai Burgers - but i got some Roasted Herb Chik'n that looks tasty.

i was prowling the nice cheese counter at the store, trying to decide what my new cheese of the week was going to be (i'm making myself try good cheeses, lately. good cheese makes for happy joyces.) the cheese counter dudsie started flirting with me a touch, trying to sell me some cheese. i let him talk me into some sort of speedable spinach and cheese stuff, which he handed me a coupon for. he was cute. :) the coupon doubled at the register, which was nice. the cheese itself is ok. not wonderful, but not bad. next week, i stick with real cheese.

i have a huge batch of juan pedro pie in the oven. yay for leftovers.

i managed to burn a bagel in the microwave at work today. or, rather, the demon microwave did. apparently it's known that the timer will occasionally reset itself to 86 minutes. (why i didn't know this...) this is bad when you toss your breakfast in and walk back to your windowless hole in the wall office to get your tea. yea. that smelled good, really.

i'm tired. but i'm always tired. at least it's friday tomorrow.

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    My independent study paper (27 pages of text, 2 of references, 9375 words) is turned in, four fracking days ahead of schedule. I rock. :)

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    Last class of undergraduate degree: done. :)

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    And moreover, I am not in the mood to read eleventy-gazillion pages on the legal issues surrounding jihad. Normally, I would be completely interested…

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