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so, Friday i was told "take this paperwork to this person in this building and they'll assign you an advisor." the person in question wasn't in Friday afternoon, so i went back today. she took the paperwork and said, "oh, no. nono. once they get you in the system, then you'll be automatically assigned an advisor. just keep checking your ADA and it'll fill in when you get assigned one." she turns back to her computer screen.

"um, er, um, ok, um, can i do that online or something? i don't think it was quite like that the last time i was here." (hell, i can't even remember how we were assigned advisors back then. i think it may have been something lowtech, like, oh, posting a list.)

"uhhuh." back to the computer.

at that point, i was like, eh, ok, whatever, i'll figure it out. famous last words. i can't log into TRACS because i don't have a Unity ID yet (Friday at Reg & Records, after i handed over my paperwork: "so, i assume they're going to to mail me whatever i need?" "um, yea." "any idea when that'll be?" "oh, i don't know. registration is in October sometime, so it'll be before then.") so, someone who goes to NCSU or works there... when she said "pull up my ADA" did she mean logging into TRACS or something else? my advisor is going to have my pin, so figuring out who they are (once i get put back into State's system, which may take a little while) will be kind of imperitive. or i could just be patient and assume they're going to mail me stuff eventually that tells me all this.

i'm feeling mildly old and crotchety. every time i go on campus, i start muttering to myself about how some of these children can't be old enough to be going to college. and the way some of those girls dress to go to class...

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