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Area 7 / Matthew Reilly - Marines run around the western United States and blow things up. action movie on a page, again. fun reading.

Prey to all / Natasha Cooper - British mystery about a barrister who gets tangled who gets tangled up in trying to prove that a mother in jail for the murder of her father is innocent. nice characters, good bits about what having someone in jail for murder will do to a family, and neatish but not completely happy ending. i was pleased. i need to remember to start at the beginning of the series and work up, since i managed once again to pick up in the middle of a series.

Song of Susannah / Stephen King - there isn't much to say about this that isn't spoilerish. it started out pretty slow and very much picked up, and it was lovely, and i'm starting to think that we're not going to see a happy ending. i don't normally expect happy endings out of Stephen King, or even like happy endings all of the time, but i'd been hoping for one, in this case. we'll see. the last book is supposed to come out at the end of the month, and i'm both looking forward to seeing what happens and feeling a little sad that the quest, no matter how it ends, is finally going to be done.

If I ever get back to Georgia, I'm gonna nail my feet to the ground / by Lewis Grizzard - Lewis Grizzard was a Southern humorist and an amazingly funny man. this is his memoir/authbiography, about how he got his start in the newspaper business. it's crazy funny and bittersweet, at the same time. this was a reread; i'm not sure how many times i've read this book.

Scarecrow / Matthew Reilly - things go boom. bad guys die. see above. these books are like candy, and i'm think i'm glad i'm done with the set that features the same main character.

most of my reading energies for the last almost two weeks have been taken up by another pass at On the Oceans of Eternity, by SM Stirling. this is the third in a triology of novels about what happens when the island of Nantucket is lifted back to 1250 or so BC. the first two books were dense but easy reads; i utterly failed at getting through the third one the first time i tried, as it's about 670 pages chock full of war, and i don't do war novels ("hrms. they're fighting. yea, they're still fighting. ooh, a bomb. ooh, more fighting." this is why i utterly choked on Harry Turtledove, even though i hear such good things about him.) the bits around the war are interesting (just what do you do when you're in 1250 BC and suddenly faced with smallpox and no vaccines?) and i want to find out what happens to the characters, so i'm slogging though it, slowy and by skimming a lot of the battle scenes.

Stirling has a new book out, Dies the Fire, that i want to read, but it's still a seven day book, and i am incapable of reading any of his books nearly that quickly, and don't need to add to my library fines. onto the list it goes.

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