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i like lists. and i'm too tired not to make a listy post. so.

- i discovered last night that my living room is way too dark to be inviting people over to knit. i didn't realize, since i'm usually in the office or bedroom if i'm home in the evening. must make with the lamp buying.
- i've been courting mild insomnia lately. i hope it stops. i hate being exhausted, especially when i've been going to bed at decent hours.
- i learned how to make i-cord last night. it's amazing how much more sense things make when i can see them than when i try to read directions. about the only written directions that make sense are things like recipes.
- i have babble to post about politics, but i'm too tired.
- my brain does not grock this September thing. where did summer go?
- i made a chik patty and fake-risotto for dinner. good stuffs, though the risotto was missing something. i'd say garlic, but that's rediculous in my cooking. i have havarti and strawberries for dessert. mmm, good.
- i know i had actual content to post, but balls all if i can remember what now.

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