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my night went something like this:

1030: okie, i'm tired. i'll go to bed and read and go to sleep.
1100: okie, the words are swimming. time to go to sleep.
1115: dammit.
1145: toss, turn, toss, turn.
somewhere around 1215: mmm, sleep.
115: wake up out of a dream utterly convinced that someone had been knocking loudly - like, banging with a nightstick kinda thing - on my front door. get mildly dressed, and creep out to the living room. flip on the front porch light and peer out the windows, since there's no peephole. there's noone there, of course. mutter at self. creep back to bed. convince self there aren't boogeymen in the closet. manage to fall back asleep.
300: shit, yo, that is water coming through the windows onto my bed, and a lot of it. fuck. run around closing windows.
315: back to sleep, thankfully.
500: why the hell am i awake?
620: dammit, what's that noise? oh, hell, that's my alarm that's been going off for five solid minutes. maybe i need a louder alarm.


i have bags of salad stuff, since i promised myself that i was going to eat lots of salad and fruit this week to make up for last week. i'm going to make some salad, do some reading, take a bath, and hopefully manage more sleep than last night.

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