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it was just about the same scene as last november: i had a 7am flight, so we were up at quarter of five and out of the house shortly thereafter. no coffee this time, because he was out of filters, and i wouldn't have wanted it anyhow, since i was planning on sleeping as soon as i got on the plane. the trip was quick and so was the goodbye, just to make it easier. at least i had less stuff to lug around this time. :)

after i got checked in and cleared security, i wandered around vainly, looking for something resembling cheap breakfast, since i refused to pay five bucks for a bagel sandwich. i finally bought an overpriced pastry from tully's, but it was tasty, at least.

the other person in my row and i had the only empty seat on the plane between us on the leg to atlanta. score. i slept, a lot.

the atlanta airport is freaking huge. i mutter about it every time i go through there. i wandered over hill and dale and found my gate and woofed some chicken and french fries. they got us loaded up, and about the time they were loading up the last of us, a thunderstorm blew through and shut down the airport for a bit. we only ended up being about 20 minutes late in the end, despite taking off late and banking around Greensboro to get here. [note to self: call your sister back.] huxley_boy appeared just as i got down the stairs, and delivered me unto my house. i've been piddling around since i got home, slowly unpacking, making some tea, making some dinner which i then decided i didn't want (at least it'll make a couple days worth of lunch.)

i've got a lot of random chores that i need to do this week. starting with going grocery shopping asap, since one can only live on tuna fish for so long.

the house is too quiet. i've been looking forward to living by myself for these couple months, and maybe tomorrow the quiet will appeal more, but for now, having just spent a week with my love, it's too quiet. it's odd not being able to turn around and talk to him or kiss him or whatever. and sleeping tonight is going to be damned lonely.

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