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today was much with the laziness, mostly due to waking up too damned early. Ginger made us waffles for breakfast, and then we came back here and watched Starsky and Hutch, which we'd both wanted to see. it was painfully cheesy (and really, really gay, in the literal sense, which was just funny) until the last half hour, and then it was pretty good. eh. i'm glad i didn't pay to see it in theaters. we had leftover Delfino's for lunch, and then walked up to Crossroads and back, with a brief stop at Half Price Books, but mostly just to get outside, since Seattle turned out a damned nice day for my last day here. we watched some DS9 and took a nap and poked at map software for his trip out and i packed up and made eggs and sausage for dinner, and now we're going to do a little more DS9 and try to get some sleep, since my flight out is at ogoshearly tomorrow.

it's been a good trip. there's folks i would have liked to see but didn't get to, but other than that, it was good. i'm about ready to be home, though. i don't want to leave my baby and everyone else, but it'll be nice to be home with my stuff and my house and my books and such.

getting up Monday to go into work is going to be a bitch.

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