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- breakfast at burger king
- wandering around Barnes and Noble and Crossroads, looking at travel books and window shopping and such. we tried to go oogle kitties, but the Petco in Crossroads doesn't seem to have cats.
- lunch with Jeff's mom and her husband
- home, and a nice long delicious nap.
- dinner with some of my favorite folks
- home. drunkeness. lots of drunkeness. the kind i only do about once every six months. very much fun, though.

we woke up at seven freaking thirty, even though we didn't go to sleep until one thirty this morning. stupid body.

this morning, we're doing a breakfast with Ginger, and then the rest of the day is Jeff's. well, the whole day was Jeff's, but he offered to share me for breakfast. we haven't decided what we're doing yet, though at some point i have to pack up (and fuss about the fact that i have to leave.) at least the next visit isn't a visit, but is for good.

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