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when we last saw our heroine...

i got up very very early on Wednesday morning and caught a bus downtown to the train station. i got checked in just fine, and they did a good job of getting us checked in quickly and herded onto the right train. the train ride down was nice - the tracks rain paralel to water for quite awhile, so there was some pretty scenery. the only annoying part was that i'd forgotten my cd player and headphones. so i read and knitted and slept. we got into portland ten minutes late, since a freight train beat us in line to get into the station. not bad. :)

Jillie called just after i got off the train, and she headed into downtown and i walked towards where i thought Powell's was, but it wasn't. well, something named Powell's was, just not the version i wanted. that's what i get for being lazy and googling what i think is the right address at 5 in the morning. a map and a couple of phone calls later, we figured out where i needed to be. we ended up skipping Powell's in favor of food, since we were both hungry, and went and got some incredible Vietnamese food. her parking was going to be out shortly, so we headed to the car and ended up at Moonstruck Chocolate, having hot chocolate and cake. then we went back to their house and watched Chicken Run and worked on spotting things for design process bingo for her job. she had to explain to me what a simple machine was again, thus proving that i've forgotten just about everything i ever learned about science. (well, okay, not quite, but it sure seems like it sometimes.)

flummox got home from work, and we went and had some Indian food, and then we came home and killed most of the first season of Coupling, since i'd never seen it before. and laughed a lot. from the beginning of a couple episodes to the end, in fact.

Thursday morning, i got up not quite as early as Wednesday, hugged the two of them goodbye, and wandered out and caught the light rail into downtown and trotted up to the train station. getting home from fairly painless - reading, knitting, and sleeping again - and the train was really comfy. i like taking the train. however, we ended up running an hour late getting in, due to having to wait on freight trains and other passenger trains to get out of the way. that wasn't a big deal - i called Jeff and told him i was running late and he caught up with Deb that we were having lunch with to tell her i was running late. the only part was the chick across the aisle that was bitching about things ("i could walk there faster!" and (looking at the monitors that showed where we were) "tacoma? we're not the tacoma yet? that can't be right." (lady, have you noticed a station stop at tacoma yet? no. shaddup.) "alarm bells on the engine? what? just ignore those.")

we got into downtown without incident (including passenger rebellion against other passengers). i caught a bus and met up with Jeff and Deb. we had lunch at P.F. Chang's and wandered around for a bit. then we all headed home. Ginger came over eventually, and Jeff made us lemon garlic chicken and rice for dinner, and we sat around and knitted and watched The Runaway Jury. we got about halfway into it when Ginger realized she was woozy and went home, and Jeff and i decided to finish the movie later. it's not bad, but the book was better - go figure. we sat down to start to look at house stuffs, but about 9:30 i realized i was falling asleep on his shoulder and we went to bed, where i was out for the count five minutes later.

my Jeff has the day off from work today. that pleases me. :)

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