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yesterday was a very, very long day. i caught my bus out to the airport and got there about 3:30, in case the security line was long. it was, but they were moving folks quickly. i got through in about half an hour, found my gate, and got settled in. i tried to call my mom, but she wasn't home, and knit quite a bit of a scarf. i discovered the Gaia Consort makes excellent travelling music.

i was routed through Minneapolis on the way out here. coming into Minneapolis, what i noticed most was that the area was incredibly green from the air. it looked amazing. coming into the runway, however, the runway picked up right beside a river/pond/something, so coming in, there was a moment of ohmygosh, we're going to land in the water, i'm going to die. we didn't, of course. (i hate flying. hate hate hate. i'm mildly phobic about it. but, well.) the airport in Minneapolis didn't have enough power plugs, which was my only real impression of it. i'd never been in Minnesota before, but it's somewhere on the list of places we'd like to actually see one of these days. so i sat and played Age of Empires until it was the time that we should have been loading up...

the flight to SEA took off half an hour late, but we only landed about five minutes late. but by the time we got taxied in and i got off the plane (i was in row 42) and took the tram into the main terminal, it was almost midnight. my Jeff picked me up up front and we drove home. by this point i was past the zombie girl stage, even though i'd done a lot of napping on the plane, so we fell asleep pretty quickly.

today was breakfast at Denny's and wandering around Redmond Town Center window shopping, including a lot of scheming and plotting at REI, and nappage and DS9. right now, my lovely boy is making me terriyaki for dinner, and there's going to be more DS9 and stuff. it's been a nice, lovely, quiet day, and just what we needed... the rest of the week is going to be pretty social. i missed my Jeff.

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