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i feel much safer, knowing that sabers are specifically prohibited on plane flights.

(note, this isn't meant to start a debate over the safety regulations on planes these days. please. i just find it funny that sabers are specifically prohibited, along with meat cleavers, spear guns, cattle prods, throwing stars, and hand grenades. why would anyone feel the need to bring one of those objects in their carryon luggage?)

i'm going to post the standard trip disclaimer now. there's a lot of folks i want to see. i'm not going to manage it this trip. i'm trying not to be as badly overscheduled this time as last time (not that last time wasn't fun, but.) and i'm taking a day and a half out for a much wanted field trip south. so. maybe i can find a couple weeks next year or something.

i'm slowly getting packed. i need to go sit in the tub for awhile when i'm done.

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