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"i'm trying to find the number for the 24 hour maintenance?"
"do you have an emergency?"
"i don't have any water."
"... what do you mean, you don't have any water?"
what do you think i... "i turn on the taps and nothing comes out."
"did you pay your water bill?"
"water's included in the rent." one of the advantages to this place, as i go through water like a fiend.

[edit] so, despite the fact that the answering service lady was twit, the maintenance guy was horribly polite and called back very quickly. apparently the city's cut off water at the meter for my whole building. wheee.

[edit 2] well, someone in a truck marked "public utilities department" just pulled up, poke around in the bushes for a few minutes, and pulled off again.

ok. i'm sure noone besides me is actually finding the saga of the water interesting. i'm going to shut up now.

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