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- yay for lapfulls of purring cat :)
- it spent most of the afternoon pouring, and cleared off five minutes before i was set to leave work, for once. :) i was pleased.
- the later part of the afternoon was spent by most of the people at work peering out windows and looking at weather maps. there's flood and tornado watches. a couple of the girls in workmans comp kept swearing that a tornado had touched down down east, but we couldn't find anything about it.
- i'll be in Seattle a week from tomorrow. *beam*
- we move Jeni out tomorrow. it's going to be odd having the place to myself. good odd - i could use the mental space, before settling in with Jeff - but odd, nonetheless. the longest i've lived alone as an adult is, um, one week in july of 2001. it'll be fine. it's only for a couple months.

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