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mmmm, books

i should know better than to go looking at communities and journals about books. they give me more things that i want to read. i've twelve books checked out that aren't cookbooks, and another thirty-something on the list i can run on the library's website. and i've a hold in, waiting for me to pick it up.

Song of Susannah is going very, very slowly. partly because it's heavy enough that i don't want to lug it on the bus, which is my prime reading time every day. partly because i'm finding it very dense, like good, thick fudge. there's a lot going on. we're getting towards the end of the series, too - this is the next to the last book - and i'm half looking forward to, half dreading the end. it'll probably pick up about halfway through, like a lot of books do for me, and then i won't be able to put it down.

i'd like to go back and read the series again - the first books weren't quite as long - because i feel like i missed a lot, my first read through, but i'm unwilling to slog though Wizards and Glass again.

hrms. maybe it's time to wander off and read for awhile...

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