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for those of you who have just recently joined our home game, i used to play a halfling in a D&D game, long ago and far away. we ended up calling my character the narcaleptic halfing, because i tend to fall asleep during the game. constantly. (in my defense, we were playing in our living room floor, not at a table, and game tended to start no earlier than 10:30 at night because the DM worked second shift. i had to be at work at 8 during the week. i fell asleep during game. :) )

today's been like that. i sit down to read a book, and i fall asleep. i say "five more minutes" and wake up to find that twenty have gone, and i'm not sure where. the first nap was at 10:30 this morning, for pete's sake.

i finally gave in and made myself some coffee. this will probably ensure that i'm up all night.

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