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i don't have any homework. it's ... odd. the whole evenings stretches ahead, to do as i please. tonight, "to do as i please" is enjoying the fact that all the windows in the house are open and it's wonderful in here, watching a movie, probably taking a bubble bath, maybe some reading, and getting some sleep. i should clean my room, but there's not a whole lot of point, when everything's just going to get moved around next weekend when Jeni moves. there's housecleaning scheduled for tomorrow morning, because tomorrow is shaping up to be ubersocial and there's going to be people in my house.

dinner tonight was an experiment... somewhere along the way this week, somewhere on LJ, i could swear i saw a recipe for mango curried fried rice. but when i went backk to look for it, i couldn't find it. since i was going to hack and slash the recipe anyhow, i just kind of made it up. tempeh and mushrooms and eggplant and mango stirfried served over fake chinese "egg" noodles. it turned out pretty tasty. :) i'd never had tempeh before, and next time i'm going to lay off the soy sauce/fish sauce marinade - it soaked it right up. the texture is a little odd, but not badly so. the whole thing needed many, many more mushrooms. overall, though, it was damned tasty. :)

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