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This one is going to last and all those other bastards
Were only practice

i'm going to miss being able to raid Jeni's mp3s when she moves.


random vain moment: my skin is in horrible shape. my feet are crunchy and torn up. did my elbows. and my hands. i'm practically bathing in lotion, and it's still bad.


i love school, but summer session kicked my ass. maybe i'll start answering email in a timely fashion again. and actually paying attention to LJ. and getting off the computer occasionally.


speaking of school, thanks to supremegoddess1, i got a 100 on my field experience for psych. i just about fell over when i got my grade - i thought she was going to flunk me, since i just did an interview instead of going to a site. i am pleased.


i'm also tired. really, really tired. i'm going to make myself go swimming for the first time in ages tomorrow, if it doesn't storm. i'm looking forward to it, in that "it's going to kick my ass but in a good way" kind of way.

i should stop babbling and trundle off to bed eventually.

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