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woot. i'm done with history except for my research paper and my final. nevermind that those are, combined, fifty percent of my grade. ahem.


- tomorrow - finish and turn in psych field assignment before 11pm PST
- tomorrow - psych post
- tomorrow - library? you have enough stuff to read for the weekend. really. no kidding. library can wait until next week.
- tomorrow - pack. don't forget your meds. don't forget decent clothes for sunday. for the love of pete, don't forget laptop bits or schoolwork. find your win2k disks so you can fix your dialup networking. you might take some knitting, too.
- friday - psych reponse
- friday - 440 train to home
- saturday - respond to someone else's field assign
- sunday - family reunion
- monday - turn in history research paper by 1155pm PST
- monday - pysch post
- monday - read chapters 13, 14, 16 in psych
- monday - finish looking up history m-c choice and make notecards
- monday - psych self-eval
- tuesday - pysch response
- tuesday - finish looking up history essays
- wed - psych test. 70 minutes.
- thurs - take history final. set aside about an hour for it.

sometime: call BCC financial aid and get them to defer tuition, before august 5th go pick up your holds, price books for next quarter online, order said books

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