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i met pyran's fair complexioned second cousin today at… 
25th-Jul-2004 01:36 am
i met pyran's fair complexioned second cousin today at huxley_boy's birthday dinner - he had blonde/brown hair and a lighter complexion, but otherwise, same height, same build, same hair, same facial hair. much the same way of carrying himself. it was kind of freaky.

dinner was at the Macaroni Grille over in Durham. dinner itself was chicken and mushrooms and rigatoni in a cream marsala sauce, which was really good (i have half of it in the fridge for tomorrow.) they brought out a huge slice of this killer chocolate cake to Huxley for dessert, which he shared. :) and the guy who was running around singing came over and sung something that wasn't the normal birthday song, to which we all had to shake shakers that were egg in shape. he turned appropriately red. it was a pretty good time.

i am up way past my bedtime.
24th-Jul-2004 10:56 pm (UTC)
*curls up on you*
25th-Jul-2004 09:48 am (UTC)
I have family in NC? :-)
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