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bagel bar for breakfast. tuna fish on honey wheat bread and watermelon for lunch. grapes for a snack. quiche and a huge salad for dinner.

somewhere along the way, healthy food started tasting good again. the most unhealthy thing i've had today was the potato chips that were a stop-gap snack late in the day when i ran out of good-for-me-stuff and i could feel a blood sugar headache coming on and knew it was going to be worse before i got home. i think it's time for a run to the store for decent snack foods to keep in a drawer at work - i've been bottoming out at the oddest times lately. like ten this morning. and i need to put more protein back into breakfast; i might be hurting by lunchtime the days i have pb&j for breakfast, but it's not as bad. eventually, i will figure out what my body needs when and be able to get it right.

(and actually, "somewhere along the way" happened last summer too. the trick is to figure out how to keep up the trend during the winter when all the produce is overpriced, limp, and depressing.)

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