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this is what i get for staying up so late last night... one in the morning and i'm not really sleepy or ready to go to bed yet.

it's been a quiet weekend. last night was room cleaning and closet organizing. today was bathroom scrubbing and house vacuuming and car cleaning, and car washing, mine and dan's. grocery shopping with the roommates. cooking. cath did chocolate cake and bread and guacomole (sp?) and i did some citrus spiced tea...

watched "shanghai noon". jackie chan kicks ass.

dan and cath went to bed hours ago. i finished zodiac finally - damned good book. none of the usual late night IRC addicts are saying anything, so maybe it's age of empires time again...

it's cold and windy up here tonight. i have my window open, listening to the wind blowing, hoping i'll hear some rain coming down eventually.

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