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this random post brought to you by...

  • it figures, the day i finally get around to walking down to the board of elections to erhm, politely inquire about my voter registration card, it turns up in the mail.
  • the chick behind the counter treated me as if i had an IQ of three, but whatever. asking me in a sing-song voice "now, i see here that you're registered as unaffliated, so now iiiiiiiif you were to pick one of the Republicans or Democrats, which primary would you vote in?" is going to earn you a blank stare and a "lady, i'm not fond of either. see you in November." it wasn't an invalid question, since apparently unaffiliated people can vote in primaries in this state, it was the voice that got me.
  • we went to the library, and i left with one book. this never happens.
  • i'm almost done looking up the multiple choice part of my history midterm, huzzah. that just leaves the essay questions...
  • old navy's website has a plus sized section now, going up to size 26. (well, it's possible it's been there awhile, but i've just noticed, and it's tagged new.) moreover, the model is actually vaguely plus-sized. (nothing is more irksome than stick figures being used to advertise plus-size clothes.) woot. :)
  • we're making stir-fry for dinner. well, it's mostly Jeni. i might just take pictures, it looks that good.
  • i miss my boyfriend.

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