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sunday: running around Cary with Jeni and Huxley and her mom, to the Asia Market, with a stop by Harris Teeter for the stuff we needed from there, like, oh, cheddar. so i managed to visit the grocery store four times this weekend, but that should be it for awhile. anyhow, i'd just gotten home and settled in when Amber called me up and said "ice cream?" so she picked me up and we headed to Ben and Jerry's for a bit. the rest of the day was cooking (veggie chilli, yay leftovers), homework, and talking to my Jeff, mostly about houses.

yesterday: work. got my vacation request signed way too easily, not that i'm complaining. came home. made hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner. we were just settling down to eat when this amazing thunderstorm rolled through. however, the thunderstorm also took out our 'net. whoops. :) Amber came over and picked me up, and we headed to the Saucer for beer night, where we discovered that the key to getting a table on the porch is to go during a raging thunderstorm. i managed to finish a whole pint of beer - something raspberryish, i don't remember the name of it - which is unusual; normally i'm not fond of beer.

today: i need to get ready so i can get my ass out the door to work... after work i'm going to go over to State and hide myself way up in the library stacks, far from the internet and other distractions, and make myself actually concentrate on getting some homework done, lest i fail my history midterm this weekend.

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