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there is nothing quite like tomatoes pulled out of my daddy's garden sometime in the last couple of days. 

Hope was coming through Raleigh to go see some friends today, so she stopped by and brought me some pants that don't fit her anymore and another installment from my dad's garden (just tomatoes and zukes today, since we're still working on the cucumbers from last time, and dammit, i forgot to give the girls cucumbers the other night).  :)  i've been to the library, too, and managed to come home without too many books, and the store, where i got more fruit, since the Food Lion didn't have oranges last night.  and i went ahead and got red curry paste, so i think there will be eggplant curry tomorrow night for dinner.

i got laundry started, too, and made up a big bowl of bread/cucumber/tomato/cheese/italian dressing salad for lunch.  and verily, it is good.  and now my nose is back into homework and i'm talking to my Jeff.  :)

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