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heh. i wonder what she'd say if she knew i'd dyed my hair red. =)… 
20th-Oct-2000 08:58 am
heh. i wonder what she'd say if she knew i'd dyed my hair red. =)

speaking of which, it's fading out pretty quick, any color suggestions before i redo it?
(Deleted comment)
20th-Oct-2000 09:16 am (UTC) - Re: LOL
In 6th grade, I dumped 2 whole bottles of peroxide on my hair, bleaching it to this awful brassy blonde... it took my parents months to notice. Yet, if I happened to wear a black bra under my black shirt (my mom thought I was too young to be wearing 'sexy lingerie') one day, they'd freakin' catch me before I walked out of the house in the morning. Parents are weird.

I feel your pain, Joyce, and fwiw I think you'd argue with her much more were you in NC right now :)
20th-Oct-2000 10:23 am (UTC)
Red hair dye fades very, very quickly. I know this well, as I've been dying my hair red now for close to two years. Naturally, I'm a dirty blond, but whenever I have tried to do my hair myself, it barely shows. I have to go and have it done professionally, although I never seem to get the tone I want. With red hair coloring, you have to be careful what shampoos and such you use. But, I don't know, as well, if it is hair dye in a normal color or a funky colored hair dye. My experience with the funky ones are that they fade really quickly, anyway.
20th-Oct-2000 01:27 pm (UTC)
I've used Clairol before (the one in the blue and white box), don't have any complaints with it... my hair grows to fast, so I dyed it a bit too often... it just kept getting blonder and blonder....
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