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so, apparently, the time to go swimming is Friday afternoons around 3. eight lovely lanes open to adult lap swimming. no swim teams. i got a lane all to myself, and happily kicked my ass into gear for 40 minutes.

i don't have anything against swim teams, but having two or three lanes open for adult lap swimming during prime times when everyone in Raleigh is getting off work and wants to go swimming is just annoying.

and i went to the store and got stuff to make myself chicken and eggplant curry tonight, and i'm hungry, so...

edit: the curry turned out pretty well. it's a hack and slashed version of this. added in mushroom and eggplant, and used brown rice instead of noodles, and normal coconut milk instead of light (*shudder*). despite being one of my favorite foods, curry is something i've been afraid to try to cook much for myself. it tastes pretty good, though it's lacking ... something. actually, most of what it's lacking is red curry paste. :) red curry is my favorite, but i decided to go ahead and make yellow, since we had yellow powder at home. it's also not creamy enough, despite using more coconut milk than the recipe called for. but it's good enough to staunch the craving, and i'll have to experiment some more.

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