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books for june

A Time to Kill / John Grisham the only Grisham book i've read over and over again, and i think it improves each time. in fact, i'd given up on Grisham completely for awhile, until a coworker browbeated me into trying again.

Remember When / by Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb Nora Roberts writes as herself and her alter ego; the book is half the normal Roberts slight bodice ripper and half a mystery featuring Eve Dallas. it was great big fluffy fun.

The Runaway Jury /John Grisham. i was convinced to give this a read by a coworker and was surprised by how much i liked it; there for awhile, Grisham went over my willingness to suspend disbelief. i want to see the movie now.

The Great Gatsby / F. Scott Fitzgerald. i loved this book in high school and hated it this time. i think this and an unsuccesful go at The Sun Also Rises have at least temporarily cured my desire to reread the classics i enjoyed in high school.

Cold fall / John Gardner. this is a James Bond book that i picked up randomly while looking for something else at the library. it was fun too, though i think i prefer my Bond on the screen.

The Hobbit / J.R. Tolkien loved, loved, loved. it's almost enough to make me brave the trilogy. we'll see.

i'm putting a mental moritorium on long books until after august 5, when summer session is out, when i will promptly glom onto a copy of Song of Sussanah (i know you said it reads quickly, rhiannonstone, but i've got so much school reading to do that getting sucked in would be bad. :) ) so i'm not sure what's next. i have Hominids checked out right now, which looks really good but formidable. i do have a pile of Star Trek paperbacks, if nothing else...


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