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Friday: train down was 2 hours late. i sat around the station and read and knitted. i ended up frogging 5 inches of progress (which doesn't sound like much, but small yarn, small needles, tricky pattern, first attempt at lace like stuff). the train eventually got there. it was a nice ride down, if cold. my daddy picked me up. i went home and snarfed some fried chicken that mom had made for dinner. Hope came over after work. we sat around and chattered. she ended up staying at the house for the night.

Saturday: biscuits and gravy for breakfast. a little yard-saleing, though most of it was way picked over. helping Hope clean her house. Scrabble. a nice long nap. she took off to work. Faith and a friend of hers from camp got home for the weekend. pizza for dinner. more sitting around and chatting. Hope got home, and there was a late run to Subway and free Krispy Kremes before we all fell over.

today: most everyone else headed off to church, and me and Faith's friend fixed Faith's computer. Hope got home from church. lunch and playing Hearts. a short nap. barbeque on the grill for dinner. running out to the train station, where the train was an hour late (brake problems, apparently. wheee?) though the good part of the northbound train being late is that i get to sit around the station and talk to my daddy. the lovely gorski picked me up from the station on this end (thank you, dear.)

it was a wonderful weekend. my mom loved her shawl, which i neglected to take pictures of. i got a lot of knitting done, finished a couple of books, and got to be lots of lazy. i got to spend some time on the phone with Jeff, and lots of time with the family people.

i owe folks email, but it's late and i have to be up in 7 hours or so, so....

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