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the closest branch of the library is closed for a month while they're moving it to a temporary location while they renovate the current location. there are other branches, but it was easiest to just check out a bunch of books to wait out the month with.

the problem with this, of course, is that i'm becoming fickle. how could i think that i was in the mood for this when i checked it out? staring at the same books for a month will do that.

i have other things i could read... there's a lot of my stuff that's do for a reread, not to mention the books that Jeff brought out to me when he came out, or the ones he forgot, or the stack i snarfed from gorski the other night. but if i read non-library books, i feel guilty about the stack of library books i have out.

yea. logic. i'm all about the logic, really.

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