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i lost my knitting foo awhile ago. i seem to have found it again, much to my delight.

i just finished a big fat stockinette stitch scarf, in this and a plain brown acryllic yarn. it's really pretty. pictures forthcoming, as soon as i find the cord for my camera. i have enough left over of both to make a matching hat, which will be doubly nice, since i already made a moss stitch scarf out of the Homespun, so the hat will match two scarves.

i'm working on a shawl for my mom's birthday (link gnarfed from craftyrose), in this and this held together on size 17s. it's turning out nicely and fast - getting done by next weekend shouldn't be a problem. it's a little squishier than i wanted, but mom'll like it. next time, i'll either add a third yarn or go down to size 15s (well, after i rescue my 15s from my roommate).

after the shawl, next will probably be the hat mentioned above. i also want to make this. i've been wanting to make scarves lately - they're fast and it's an easy way to play with new stuff. i'm going to end up with more scarves than anyone needs. i can probably start storing up Christmas presents, though half the folks i would normally give scarves to (including my sisters, *waves*) insist that it's not cold enough in north carolina for them.

mmm, yarn.

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