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i keep forgetting to post this - my copperspiral address is down for the forseeable future. if you've sent me something from there since friday morning or so, i haven't seen it. joyce @ lj always points somewhere useful (currently, my yahoo account).

today i went to work for a couple hours while Jeff wandered around downtown. we stuck our heads into the teeny downtown library branch to see if i could lay my hands on a copy of Song of Susannah (and verily, i was denied). we got Chik-fil-a for lunch, since we were both jonesing. we walked around the history museum for a couple hours. we opted out of the natural history museum, since the exhibits were starting to run together, but i want to go sometime soon. we went out to Crabtree for a bit. we came back this way and went to the store to get stuff for his birthday meals on Thursday. and then we came home. :)

dinner is scheduled to be quiche, and i should go start it fairly soon.

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