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this morning i was awakened at 7am by the phone.

"hey, hon, it's me, my flight's been cancelled."
"..." *trying frantically to wake up* "uh?"
"yea, they're not quite sure what they're going to do yet, but yea, it's been cancelled, so..."
"uh buh eh? uh, ok. call me when you know more."

i was really bloody not awake. i got in the shower, though, and woke up pretty quick. Jeff called back pretty quick and gave me his updated flight info, and i pinged jbmanning (thank you again! :) ). i spent the next few hours fidgetting. finally, it was time, and we wandered out to the airport, and picked up the Jeff.

the poor thing was zombie boy, so we curled up for awhile, but eventually realized that we were both starved and that sleep wasn't going to be forthcoming, so we wandered out and got some Golden Dragon for lunch (exposing Jeff to the lovely Raleigh city buses in the process), missed the bus back home by about 5 minutes, and killed the next hour in Schoolkids and sitting on the bus bench chatting.

so now he's napping. between the red eye and the time change, he was toast. i'm too wired to sleep, so i got out of bed. i think tonight promises movies and booze, and, really, how can i argue with that? :)

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