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eventually, the single-minded wonder and surprise of putting on… 
3rd-Jun-2004 09:30 pm
eventually, the single-minded wonder and surprise of putting on clothes and finding them to be bigger than the last time i wore them will wear off. not anytime soon, though.

so that's how the morning started. :)

work was work. everything is important, everything needs to be done now now now. i am rather glad that my future plans do not include the legal field.

this evening has been a lot of trying to find some energy somewhere, and a little of cleaning and straightening, and a lot of talking to my sister. :) when Jeni gets home, there will be a trip to the grocery store. i don't have to be at work until 930, huzzah. too bad i can't sleep as late as that implies.
4th-Jun-2004 04:12 am (UTC) - thanks
thanks for all the random help that you gave me last night. did you ever wonder why i stayed in the sciences and not the language arts part of things. the application is done and will be mailed today if i find a post office b.t here and wilmington. do not forget i will be down there for wedding. mom and dad will be back in town tomorrow night some time and faith will be there tomorrow afternoon sometime too for the night. hope
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