joyce (joyce) wrote,

it was a lovely, lovely weekend.

Saturday i rolled into work for awhile - yay for extra money. i only went in for about four hours - much more than that, and i risk making my tendonitis flare up (we were doing data entry stuffs). i checked and my train was reported to be running about 20 minutes late. that doesn't mean a whole lot, when it's that little, so i went ahead and left work on time to get checked in and get the train if it was running on time. i got to call Jeff on the way, which was nice.

so, i get checked in, and the train is reported at half an hour late, which for the southbound train isn't all that bad. i talk to Jeff and wait around until they call the train. we all get loaded up, we pull about two minutes out of the station, and ... we stop. this occurred over the whole ride - apparently we were behind a slow moving freight train. so it was go, stop, go stop until Durham. two.five hours on the train. on the plus side, i got half a book read and a couple feet done on the ultimate instant gratification knitting project, the double-stranded stockinette stitch scarf. :)

my sister picked me up, and we trucked home. there were crab cakes for dinner, some Scrabble, more talking to Jeff on the phone, and some sleeping like the dead, for which i was grateful, since i normally don't sleep all that well at my parent's.

Sunday was more reading and knitting and a nap while they were all at church, and hanging out with the sister and more scrabble and hot dogs on the grill for dinner and getting to drive to and from the grocery store, and having even my sister tell me that i didn't do too badly.

today was running out to the mall because the sister needed to get a wedding present and mom needed a swim suit. i got one of Jeff's birthday presents. we came home and - what else - played more scrabble, got some lunch, napped a bit. the other sister showed up eventually - she has a couple days off from camp she's working at - with a friend in tow, just long enough to say hi and eat some dinner and collect a couple hugs before dad had to take me out to the train station.

i had a fantastic weekend. i love my family. i'm looking forward to getting to see more of sister the younger in three weeks, when i'll be home for mom's birthday and yon sister's time off while actually line up with the weekend.

the train ride home was uneventful and only a little late. i walked up to The Saucer and had a pint with ambermae and cheshire and Mark and his girl, and then Amber gave me a ride home (thank you, dearie) and i've been catching up on LJ ever since (it was good to unplug for a couple days, but it did make for a lot of LJ to read :) and soon it'll be time to fall over.

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