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last night: Jeni made a wonderful huge dinner (bagettes and havarti, baked salmon with mango chutney, asparaghas, wild rice, and peach crisp). it was really incredibly good. she invited over Walter, and had me invite over gorski, and we all ate too much and discussed politics and the blogging world (not together).

today: work. wheehaw. but it was bigpayday (i get paid every other week at both jobs, but they're on opposite weeks. i get more hours at the lawyers, so that's the "big" check) which helped. walked over to Pullen after, went swimming, and walked home. it took me about 50 minutes, walking lazily and cutting across campus. i had salad and a quesidilla for dinner, and did some dishes, and proved conclusively that i need a spreadsheet to be able to add.

tomorrow: work at the design place, then work at the lawyer's (extra work. extra money. woohaw. especially since i just paid tuition.) then ambermae's housewarming party.

saturday: more work, maybe, if i don't get done tomorrow afternoon. then i head home for the weekend, back monday night. i badly need some time away from computers, so i'm not taking the laptop with. i'll have the cell with. you can call or text me by emailling my phone number, in case, oh, i dunno, aliens land in raleigh or something.

let me suffer in the delusion that someone besides my boyfriend might want to talk to me over the weekend. :)

heh. back monday. work the rest of the week. my boy gets in Saturday, and that week is going to fly, and then it's going to be the middle of June and i'm going to be wondering where it went.

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