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today, i took a nice long walk in the morning, and then Amber called after she got out of church... she fed me more leftover barbecue, and i helped her unpack her kitchen, and we ran a couple of errands, and then she brought me home. i had an exceedingly lazy dinner (corn chips and a bagel) and did some knitting while half-assedly watching X-men.

(if the cat doesn't quit trying to eat the damned birds... i wouldn't care, but it makes the birds fussy.)

i need to empty the dishwasher, make sure i have work appropriate clothes clean, get my stuff ready for the morning, make sure lunch is packed. pack up my swimming stuff.

i'm really not ready for tomorrow to be monday morning.

i gave up and acknowledged the fact that i don't currently have the patience to read a 900 page book right now and took Quicksilver back to the library for someone else to enjoy. i'll have to try again at some point, when i'm feeling much more patient.

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