joyce (joyce) wrote,

tired. :)

this afternoon, Chris came over and picked me and the mountain of boxes leftover from mine and Jeni's many many moves (Jeni plans on staying here when the lease is up, and i plan on moving across the parking lot, so we really don't need the mountain anymore), and we went over to Amber's and dropped of the boxes... Tonya and George came over, and we all went and tackled the cleaning job at Amber's new apartment. with all of us and another friend of hers, it didn't take long, and the place looks much better. afterwards, Amber fed us pizza, and then we all chatted for awhile. we then trooped over here, got milkshakes from cook-out, and played Timeline,
which is much fun, once you figure it out (for once, i'd love to play a Cheap Ass game where the rules make sense the first or second time you read them). Amber took off for a party, and George and Tonya and i chattered for awhile longer, then they left, and now i'm talking to my sweetie.

life's good. :)

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