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today was work, and then i wandered around in Reader's Corner and Half Price Books for awhile (i got Alas, Babylon and a collection of three Lewis Grizzard books, each for a dollar, woot :) ) and then i walked up to Ben and Jerry's for Free Cone Day. i parked myself outside the building and read for awhile (getting a lot of sun in the process, which i didn't notice until i got home) and eventually gorski turned up, and there was ice cream and a walk, and then home. he went off to do Chris-like stuff and i made dinner - tortellini with broccoli, olives, and walnuts. it was a new recipe, and it's pretty tasty, but it's lacking something. i'm wondering how it would be with spinach and cashews and lots of nutmeg.

the dishes are done, the dishwasher's running... i need to pack up most of the leftovers, save what'll be for Jeni's dinner. once Jeff goes off to movie night, i should find my bedroom floor (funny how it gets lost so much), maybe take a bath and read some more, and get some sleep.

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