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today: got up, walked to church. sat through church. or, well, most of it; they hit the offering about the time i needed to leave for work. i'd forgotten that big churches often give me the creeps (it feels too much like worshipping with the Borg) and if this exploration of mine brings me back to the Lutheran Church (highly doubtful) it will be to something smaller than this morning.

walked to work, where we'd been told that we had 5 to 10 hours of work to do, and got it done in 2. good: out early. bad: less cash. eh well. left and started up Hillsborough. called T&G about painting. got to talk to my baby for awhile. T&G picked me up at the belltower, and we went back to their house and painted for awhile longer, and ate the world's best enchiladas for dinner, and watched Iron Chef America (ambermae, they saved the episode, i think. :) )

and so it was a good day, and soon there will be sleep.

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