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so, this afternoon Amber and Tonya and I wandered around, doing a little shopping - we had gift certificates that wanted using (i have a waffle iron now, woot :) ) and eating lunch at Panera and hanging out. Amber gave me a ride home, and shortly thereafter, supremegoddess1 and her girlfriend Lee showed up. i know both of them from high school, and Lee was up for the weekend, so they'd decided to come up and visit. i hadn't seen Lee in going on nine years - since we graduated high school. they're the last two people in the world that any of us - including them - would have expected to start dating out of our round of friends in high school, but they work really well together. it was cute, and scary. :)

we sat around and did some chattering - Jeni and some of her LARPing friends showing up in the process for clothes and showers and such - and a little drinking, and i made them chicken and brocoli alfredo - which turned out pretty well, go me - and we played some Unexploded Cow - i will indoctrinate everyone :) - and BSed some more, and then they headed home.

so now i'll talk to my Jeff for a bit, and then it'll be nice to sleep. and then i have a whole other day of lovely weekend to enjoy...

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