joyce (joyce) wrote,

when we got to the airport last night, there was an unholy amount of traffic. like, Thanksgiving weekend levels of traffic. since i was cutting it close on time anyhow, Jeff just dropped me off, and we did quick hugs and kisses at the curb. which was probably best, anyhow, as i'd been leaking tears the better part of the afternoon, and the quickness prevented more of that.

i got checked in, cleared security in 5 minutes, and made it up to the gate about 15 minutes before boarding.

the flight into DC was quiet. i ended up with a seat all to myself, which made sleeping easier. the movie was actually something i wanted to watch, for once (School of Rock) but i needed to try to get some sleep, since i was coming straight into work. and i did, even if i did wake up about once an hour.

the flight from DC to Raleigh, on the other hand... i'm never booking anything with the words "United Express" on it again if i can help it. the plane was teeny - like, 15 rows, three seats each row. getting into something that looks and feels like an overgrown children's toy on 4 hours of sleep isn't good for someone who doesn't like flying in the first place. oh, and there were no shades for the windows, which made it much harder to ignore the fact that i was in the air. :)

i dozed. i got here in one piece, obviously, despite being convinced that i wasn't going to. :) i got off the plane, got my stuff, wandered out front to the bus stop, got the first bus driver who insisted i couldn't get where i needed to with her bus, shrugged, got on the next one, got out to the transit center, made my connection, got some more good sleeping in, and came into work. wheee. :)

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