joyce (joyce) wrote,

today, we ended up at Ginger and Dan's for a small breakfast... we'd talked last night at dinner about doing breakfast at the Kirkland Pancake House with folks, but much as i love my friends, i was about big grouped and restuaranted out at that point. this morning, though, Ginger fluttered, and we needed to eat and pick up something from her anyhow, so it worked well. waffles and sausage and bacon, mmm good. petted the kitties, picked up books and crafty stuff, and left a little before noon.

we walked up to Crossroads (Seattle having gifted us with a gorgeous, warm, sunny day), got sandwiches from QFC, stuck our heads into WotC (all the good stuff was long sold out, oh well), wandered into Old Navy and Circuit City, walked back down the hill to the Safeway and got dinner stuffs, came home for a bit, then headed out to a game store near where Jeff used to live in Seattle. i own Unexploded Cow now, and a Fluxx deck that is cider-free, and another Cheapass Game named Timeline that looks fun.

now we're home, munching Delfino's leftovers from last night. eventually we'll make some more dinner, and i need to pack up my stuff, and then it'll be time to head to the airport.

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