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- bus ride. yay. :) the best view of Seattle is taking the bus in over the 90.
- Thai food with Deb and Jeff for lunch. Thom Kah, which is chicken soup in coconut milk. so good.
- Pike Place. wandering, talking. Cost Plus, where i got a bottle of cranberry cider for us to split. Market Spice, where i bought an ungodly amount of tea - cinammon, blackberry, northwest breakfast, six herb, peppermint, market chai, apricot, peach, and market spice. i probably would have gotten more, but Market Spice is a teeny store and perpetually crowded, and i lost my patience for dealing with the crowds and pulling jars off the shelves. a newstand where i got my mommy a postcard. more random wandering. coffee for him and Shy Giant for ice cream for me.
- another bus ride. and now we're home.

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