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life is good 
24th-Mar-2004 06:53 pm
i got a walk during the sole fourty five minute window of sunshine that we had today. i came home, fell on my face for an hour, and woke up to the sound of pissing rain. i fell back on my face, and suddenly it was 12:30 and Jeff was home.

there were breakfast burritos for lunch, and cuddling, and then we went out and did errands and such - walked around B&N and Circuit City and Half Price Books and getting coffee and groceries. now we're home, and we cleaned the kitchen, and he's starting dinner, and Ginger will be over shortly, and we're going to eat, and then we're going to go hang out with jadine and her girl, and life is good.
24th-Mar-2004 11:32 pm (UTC)
a light dinner that rocked - it was so great to meet you finally! Too bad you're all booked up and busy this week, would love to chit-chat more!
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