joyce (joyce) wrote,

so, yesterday i got on a bus, then got on another bus, then got to the airport in plenty of time.

i got there, and there was an unholy assload of Marines shipping out to somewhere. luckily, they were mostly in line for Delta, not US Air.

they all looked really, really young. =/

i got to the self-checkin kiosk thing, and tried to check in. it spit back at me that the name on my card did not match the name on my reservation, and that i needed to talk to a person. i had brief visions of being hauled off and accused of being someone bad. then i rolled my eyes at myself and got back in line. the ticket guy didn't know why i'd had problems checking in either, but got me hooked up with good seats (front and window on the first leg, front and aisle on the second) and off i went. i got a danish from a Seattle's Best Coffee stand (*giggle*) and called my mom.

flying from raleigh to charlotte is just silly, but that's how the airline had me routed. when we got up in the air, the captain came on and said "yea, we'll be over in Charlotte in about 20 minutes..." we spent more time getting on and off the airplane than in the air.

the Charlotte airport is nice. i had a short layover. i got some okay sweet and sour chicken, and (*cry*) a bad Krispy Kreme, one that had lived too long.

and then it was back on another plane. the first leg, i'd been in the second row of coach, which meant that i was off the airplane in no time, which was nice. this time, i was in the very first row behind first class on the aisle. this had the advantage of much more legroom, but the disadvantage of not being able to have my stuff on the floor in front of me easily and having a really odd tray.

anyhow, five and a half hours of screaming boredom ensued. the flight was (mostly) not bumpy at least (though there was one point at which the captain came on the remind us to wear our seat belts even when the sign was off, since you never know when turbulence is going to happen ... and the plane immediately started boucing around. we all laughed.) i discovered that AOE kills the battery on my laptop, lasting about 20 minutes. (must procure new battery.) i wasn't interested in the movie, so i read and dozed and ignored the crying infant in the row behind. my seatmates were an old redneck boy in the middle, who was trying to get through his flight on scotch and water, and who was mildly hittingish on the very daft older lady that was in the window seat (one of those ladies old enough that she was anywhere from 60 to 90.) at one point, when he'd gotten up to go to the rest room, she stood up and started shuffling back and forth in the space in front of their two seats, stretching out. which would have been fine, but she started singing.

i was very, very happy to land in SEA.

i trekked to the wrong baggage claim first, called my Jeff, found out which one the right one was, and headed in the right direction. i found him and got hugs and kisses (airport kisses are the best) and we got my bag and made our way slowly out to the car (since we were kissing approximately every, oh, two point three seconds. =) )

we got home, visited with Ginger and Dan for a few minutes, and then came home so i could fall over, because my body was screaming that it was one in the morning, and why was i still up?

this morning, i'm piddling around Jeff's apartment while he's at work... i was so careful packing yesterday, and i managed to pack the power cord for my cd burner, not my computer. whoops. he has an extra at work that i can use for a couple days, and in the meantime i'm using his. i think i need more sleep, and then i need a shower, and then he'll be home about 12:30, woot. :)

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