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i spent most of the day feeling like warmed over ass. nausesus, way too tired for the amount of sleep i got last night, headache. if i weren't taking most of next week off, i'd've asked to leave early, come home, and crawled back into bed. as it was, i'm pretty sure it's just tired and stressy and not actual sick, so i stayed put.

i was glad when the day was over, though.

i came home, put on pjs, and made a batch of the world's best broccoli and cheese soup. Jeni's home, not feeling well; i'm sorry she's not feeling good, but it was nice to have someone in the house when i got home.

and for our next trick, i'm going to work some on that f'ing final that i keep putting off. can i tell you what knowing that my grades don't transfer does for my motivation?

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