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i'm having one of those slightly out of it, slightly dazed days where it took 6 tries to print out 4 invoices correctly and i'm having to work extra hard to make sure i don't walk out in front of a car.

the boss people and i walked over to Cooper's for lunch today. chopped chicken and hush puppies and those spicy french fries and loads of sweet tea. the food coma isn't helping the out-of-it-ness, but, man, lunch was good.

i got off of work early, grabbed the bus, stopped by Food Lion to get Chik Patties for dinner. you know it's Friday when 90 percent of FL's business seems to be in beer.

it's gorgeous and warm and lovely out there. i'm going to get the laundry together and grab my book and go down to the laundry room and find somewhere to sit out in the sun and read while my clothes run.

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