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so, yesterday after work, i walked over to Planned Parenthood and got my drugs for the month, and my script for my thyroid meds, which is good, because i'm out. i dropped off the office rent check, and walked over to the library to meet up with Jeni.

Jeni and i in a library is just a dangerous thing. we're both book fiends, and i was taking advantage of the fact that i wasn't going to have to haul my books home on the bus, and we were both doing the "you need to read this" schtick and shoving books at each other. and we made the mistake of ending up in the cookbook section. so, yea, lots of books.

we also made the mistake of going into the really nice Harris Teeter in Cameron Village hungry, but we managed to (mostly) come out with what we went in looking for.

her friend Alan came over and we made hap's Chicken Marsala, which was divine, as per normal. her friend Walter showed up, and we sat around and BS'ed about books and movies for awhile. it's been a long time since i've sat around with that many well read folks... it was nice.

Alan left, and i called my Jeff and then realized i was falling over, so i left Jeni and Walter chatting and fell flat on my face.

which means that it's 8am and i'm awake. i think coffee is in order...

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